Standard Terms and Conditions
Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen

I. General information
  1. WOBBT-Solutions operates an online platform at, which mediates food orders to various registered delivery services and brings delivery services together with end customers. The end customer can conveniently and clearly select from a variety of delivery services at
  2. WOBBT-Solutions neither offers the goods presented on itself for sale nor those presented in the store systems of the delivery services. The service of WOBBT-Solutions is limited to the operation of the mediation platform, which enables the conclusion of purchase contracts for goods between delivery services and end customers, as well as the technical operation of the store systems themselves. The mediated contracts are therefore concluded exclusively between the delivery services and the end customers. WOBBT-Solutions does not become a contracting party of the sales contracts to be concluded.
  3. The use of the services offered on the online platform is free of charge for the end customer.
II. order process
  1. The end customer can choose his desired delivery service on the online platform from a clearly arranged presentation of delivery services and select the desired goods on a website especially set up by WOBBT-Solutions for the delivery service and place an order with the delivery service. An order can be placed via the Internet. WOBBT-Solutions as technical operator of the store system immediately forwards the offer of the end customer to the responsible delivery service.
  2. As the technical operator of the store system of the delivery service, WOBBT-Solutions forwards a confirmation e-mail about the receipt of the order to the end customer on behalf of the delivery service.
  3. WOBBT-Solutions offers different payment methods in the store system for the payment of the purchase price of the end customer to the delivery service. These are communicated to the end customer at the top right of the store and in the course of the ordering process and made available for selection.
  4. When ordering via a store system, the ordering process includes a total of 3 steps. In the first step, the end customer selects the desired delivery service at The store system of the selected delivery service then opens in a new window. In a second step, the end customer selects the desired goods. There, the end customer has the opportunity to correct the goods placed in the shopping cart. In the third step, the end customer enters his or her customer data, including telephone number, delivery address and, if applicable, delivery time. The end customer then has the opportunity to check and, if necessary, correct all details (e.g. name, address, telephone number, ordered items, delivery time and payment method) before the order is sent by clicking on "Order with costs".
  5. The respective delivery service is solely responsible for the store system page of the delivery service and its content (food, drinks, prices, allergens, additives and opening hours) on the platform as well as for the contract execution between the delivery service and the end customer.
III. Registration and Evaluation
  1. The end customer has the possibility to register and then log in with his email address and a password for future orders. Hereby the name, the stored address data and the email address of the end customer are automatically entered into the order form. For registration, the end customer must provide the required data and his email address as part of the order. Following registration, the end customer will receive an e-mail with a password. The end customer can change the password at any time in the login area.
  2. Registration is not a mandatory requirement for an order. The end customer can also place an order without registration by not providing his email address in the context of the order. A claim for registration does not exist. WOBBT-Solutions reserves the right to refuse the registration or the order of an end customer without giving reasons.
  3. Registration can be terminated at any time by informal notification to WOBBT-Solutions (contact details)
  4. The end customer is prohibited to give his access data to third parties. If orders and/or purchases are made under input of the access data of the end customer, the end customer has to accept responsibility for these order transactions, unless he has informed WOBBT-Solutions in time about the loss of his access data or any other suspicion of abuse.
  5. The end customer has the possibility to evaluate the quality of the goods of the delivery service via the evaluation system of For this purpose, a login is required by entering the email address provided during registration and the received (or changed) password. After successful login, the end customer can now submit a comment or an evaluation (positive, neutral or negative). The end customer is obliged to submit a rating that is as objective and accurate as possible. The evaluations are to be written objectively according to the requirement of fairness and may not have any illegal, insulting, defamatory or criminal contents. Ratings that violate this will not be published or deleted. WOBBT-Solutions reserves the right to take legal action against the end customer in case of violations. Comments on delivery services will only be released after prior review. The decision whether a review will be released is solely at the discretion of WOBBT-Solutions.
IV. Warranty, liability
  1. WOBBT-Solutions as a pure platform operator does not assume any warranty for the conclusion of sales contracts between the delivery services and the end customers. In particular, WOBBT-Solutions does not assume any warranty with regard to the information given by the delivery services concerning the goods and with regard to the freedom from defects of the goods sold by the delivery services.
  2. WOBBT-Solutions does not guarantee the actual accessibility of the delivery service and its services. Claims against WOBBT-Solutions due to non-availability of the delivery service are excluded.
  3. Claims for damages due to breach of duty and tort as well as claims for compensation of futile expenses are excluded. This does not apply if the damage was caused intentionally or by gross negligence as well as in case of breach of essential contractual obligations, i.e. obligations the fulfillment of which should enable the proper execution of the contract in the first place and on the observance of which the contractual partner may regularly rely and the breach of which endangers the achievement of the purpose of the contract. Furthermore, the limitation of liability shall not apply to damages resulting from injury to life, body or health or to damages based on the absence of a warranted characteristic or for which liability is provided for under the Product Liability Act.
V. data protection
    All information on the collection, processing and use of personal data of end customers can be found in the privacy policy.